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    Your Inventions Brought to Life
    From your mind...
    ...to CAD design...
    ...to prototype!
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    To finished product...
    ...from a cocktail napkin sketch!
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    Our team will help with:
    CAD Drawings
    Manufacturing Options
    Bringing your invention to life

Inventor Information Packages

We will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to reality.

Our team will help you get your ideas from your mind to the real world. We can take your ideas and rough sketches on paper, and turn them into high quality CAD drawings. From there we can develop manufacturing prints that can be sourced for manufacturing, and your invention will come to life.

First, we provide you with an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) form to protect your design concepts.

Once the Final CAD Design is completed we help you manufacture your product by Rapid Prototype or machined so you can touch, feel, and break the product to predict your design flaws.

Then we revise the CAD model assembly. Once you've signed signed off, we will send that 3D Cad file to our drawing machines where we produce utility and design patent drawings.

Manufacturing / Material Properties Analysis - During this phase we will discuss and go over cost estimates and help you find a local manufacturer so we can represent our 3D Cad models and 2D Drawing Prints.

We can refer you to a patent attorney to discuss, who will help you decide on a utility patent vs. a design patent. Once you have decided the route you will travel, we will estimate how much it will cost to develop your patent drawings.

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